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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: a home up in flames. three firefighters trapped inside. reid: only on 5: one of those survivors tells us he got out alive. ed: why a young secret service agent hurt in a crash needs your help. heather: a maine firefighter's fall through the roof of a burning home. ed: a patriots' star, a bad neighbor? john: why danny amendola's carport is so unpopular and what it has to do with his jobs. heather: a high school principal caught talking dirty on-line with someone he thought was a teenage girl. good evening, i'm heather unruh. ed: and i'm ed harding. the allegations are in a police report we've obtained tonight. it's the first answer into why edward rozmiarek suddenly resigned from swampscott. wcvb newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is there with the allegations. jorge: well, tonight, the essex
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"as repug nants a the conduct was it does not cross the criminal line. "the police report is shocking. former swampscott high school principal edward rozmiarek forced to resign. rozmiarek engaged in inappropriate conduct through the computer. a female adult decoy posing as 13 year old girl from orange do in, knocke, in internet chat room when contacted by rozmiarek who identified himself as ed, a 51-year-old high school principal married with 11-year-old daughter themle cha chats continue from november to december last year. the decoy stating the mess ams were come meatily inappropriate for anyone to have with 13-year-old girl. police were able to chase the on-line ac of toy rozmiarek's computer at swampscott high. investigators claim that disgraced principal initiates
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anything sexual in nature. most too graphic to repeat. he often asks if she thinks about sex and makes multiple inquiries about the bra size and when the police confronted him and asked why rozmiarek was doing this, baits is exciting. tonight, we could reach the former principal for comment and while the allegations are extremely disturbing. he does not face any criminal charges. the da saying there is no evidence. he spa selfcally end tiesed or the alleged victim to go to or to stay at a specific location. >> all you could see was the team from the flashlight and that was it. ed: only on 5, the local firefighter fortunate to be alive to tell his escape story tonight. heather: he is one of three who was trapped in a saugus inferno. newscenter5's reid lamberty is live on the scene. reid? reid: heather, ed, a pawninged
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firefighters inside of the house trapped to get out. flame and smoke surrounding them. all did make it out safely. tonight, the cleanup. the sleeping excavator delicately bites off pieces of a saugus rooftop. 16 hours after early-morning fire. the homeowners tonight able to salvage trail this was left behind. the fire was quick, intense, inside of the house, punishing heat, blinking smoke. >> you couldn't see the han in front of the face. you could see the bem and that was it. reid. saugus firefighter would tell a friend "i thought i was going to die." wants the house, out of air, fell downstairs and would lose the helm. >> at that time, i remember hearing the lieutenant yell "mayday." reid. he would blindly crawl, find a window, smash with it the hand and pulling the firefighter outside of the house saw the trapped brother.
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owlout the window. bramessed. >> helped me out the rest of the way. reid: they there were hidden pitfalls navigate through the house is almost impossible and a impossible. >> there was so much stuff in the basement. basically at the bottom of the stair. weed into where to move at all. we couldn't move left, right where are or ward reid. a veteran of two tours in iraq continued to work the fire. >> we train for these conditions. i went back to my training. thank god, it worked out. reid: we are back live look agent that house. the front yard of the home with a pile of rubble in front of it. that is because the garage, which we showed you earlier, has actually been concompletely demolished, takep are in down out of concern of safety. the cause and origin of the fire has been determined but not released. i have been told; however, the cause is not suspicious in nature. live in saugus tonight, reid
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heather: it is cold outside today. harvey is here now with a look at what is coming tomorrow. you are actually tracking wet weather. harvey. you are right. you know the old expression. heather: today felt good. meteorologist: it sure did. even tonight is cold. check it out. boston, 31 now. that is nine degrees better than we were. that is ten degrees betterment? cannot till its not cold. it is not as cold. it is still nice and clear around the region. so temperatures will still fall down to the teens and the low 20 than the cold spots. boston bottoms out to 26 to 28 system here's the way it looks in boston. nice and clear. notice, by 11:00 a.m. f. temperatures are bouncing above the freezing mark. these were highs today. they should at least be mirrored for tomorrow. there are significant changes coming for the weekend.
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ed? ed: prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to move forward he this case. a model claims cosby drugged and assaulted her at the playboy mansion in 2018 when she was 18 and another woman said cosby assault her in 1965 when pe was 17. cosby does face criminal charges for assault assault in pens vape ya in 2004. heather: new at 11:00. service agent's long road to recovery. we've learned he can't move below his chest after a deadly crash on a new hampshire street. newscenter5's mary saladna is at mass general where that agent is hospitalized tonight. mary: he is one of us. his friends using the hashtag garrett strong. garrett fitzgerald just finishing his first year as married march. tonight, he is in mass general unable to feel or move from the
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it is one of four secret service agents involved in a head john crash last week in new hampshire while assigned to hillary clinton detail. the driver of the other car, bruce, danforth, caused the crash when he crossed the center line. he was killed. it was later disclosed he had no license. a lengthy criminal record including a recent arrest on heroin charges. fitzgerald suffered a serious spinal cordon area ry. tonight, garrett's fiance, joan, tells wcvb newscenter 5, his long-term prognosis is not clear yet, buy is term are derred to recover and return to work in some capacity. the couple just moved to boston in september, lyle is a speech pathologies at boston's children's hospital. the two are planning a march 4th wedding but the priority now is the treatment. friends are set up the go-fund me site to eleaf ate the come's financial problems. that site tops $140,000.
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4,000 in the past hour. it will remain here far if you more days then be transperred to a special facility. live in boston tonight, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: traffic is moving again on 495 tonight after this mess at the height of the commute. a box truck erupted into flames in milford. the entire southbound side of the highway was closed for about 15 minutes. the driver of that truck is not hurt. state police are still investigating how the fire started. ed: american planes that can sniff for nukes are heading to north korea. they are hoping to learn what really happened there. heather: phil lipof is here. phil, the white house doubts it was a hydrogen bomb? phil: right. heather, that was what they are saying tonight. a bomb would be 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bombs that destroyed in world war i ux. while something was tested, there is doubt all over this world, tonight, it was hydrogen bomb. on the streets of north korea, today, the people stood transfixed. state tell rigs announcer
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testified a hydrogen bomb promote from warmongers look the united states. >> you don't want north korea anywhere near that kind of technology. >> for hours after the grounder ground tests which caused seismic shock. the world waited nervously. the nuclear sniffer was sent to the reg gron the u.s. south korea on high alert and ambassador caroline kennedy was reassuring the wrap niece but fanly today after and nizing the shock waves, the white house calmed fears. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the claims the regime has made. >> this is north korea's fourth test since 2006 and the north does have the means to deliver those weapons just last fall. abc's bob be woodruff saw thousands of north korea soldiers goose stepping side the latest. >> now the big question is, have they developed a lot more high-tech kind of weaponry. phil: missile experts say are capable of reaching aclass. tonight, all eyes on china.
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region. they scolded north korea for the test but will be getting china onboard to pressure pyongyang or join in. heather? heather: for the first time, bost both houses repealing the signature health care law. by a margin of 240 to 281, the house sent the bill to the president's desk today. the vote was along party line s thises the bill cut federal funding. the president has promised to veto the bill and republicans don't have enough votes to everride. ed: commitment 2016 tonight. the owners avenue hampshire gunshop take a dramatic step to show their support for donald trump. they have given him a custom maid assault-style rifle. the rifle was presented to trump during the visit to dollars month, new hampshire today yesterday. the owners say they appreciate trum anticipate support of the second amendment. >> we just wanted to present mr. trum with a rifle from
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made by our shop. ed: the secret service actually had to take possession of the gun before it was given to trump. it will be ho modfied at the claremont shop, so it is legal wherever trum travels and includes the home state of new york. trump could be in running into trouble in vermont tomorrow. his campaign has issued 20,000 tickets. the venue holds only 1400 people. the campaign event will be at the theater in birmington. the police chief says tonight, once the building is full. everywhere up with else will be turned away. trump's campaign is not come mening about that tonight. ed: regrets, he has few. or at least one big one. vice president joe biden says he regrets every day not running for president in 2016. biden ruled himself out three months ago. but he says he did make the right call for his family and himself. the vice president says both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are good candidates, and he will remain deeply involved in race.
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heather: a patriots' star, a bad na inner? ed: why danny amen alcohol's carport is so unpoplar and what it has to do with a job. phil: a big change. the impact you will notice in the wallet in a few weeks. meteorologist: from clear skies now to precipitation for part of the weekend. i will let you know how much to expect unand what form it will take. ed: here is what you have been waiting for or wing for, too. the winning powerball numbers in the 500 million jack jackpot. 2, 11, 47, 6:00 2, 63, end that powerball of 17. heather: if nobody wins that jackpot, it could approach a powerball record for saturday's
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jacobs has gotta get in there with some incense and herbs say a couple of chants.
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get down tonight. ed: a very close call for a firefighter in gardiner, maine. he nearly falls through the roof of a burning home, a flash of fire as his footing gives way. a fellow firefighter was able to grab him by the arm, and hold him until more help arrived. he was not hurt. the gardiner fire chief praising his men for their quick action. taking another look what happened, you can see just how close a call it was. the home could not be saved. heather: a high school basketball coach accused of head-butting a referee is now on live. look to the right of your screen. the video posted on-line shows pennsylvania coach jerry divine confronting a referee after a disagreement about a foul call. divine was ejected from the game. the school district says devine will also be on leave from his teaching job during a review. ed: gas prices have not bottomed out yet. oil inventories at the highest level since 1993 growing by
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experts say prices could drop as low as drar 1.75 a gallon in the next 40 days. low demand is also playing a part. last week, while many people were on vacation. refiners were cranking out gasoline. ed: two massachusetts macy's stores are closing their doors for good. the stores are at the berkshire mall in lanesboro and the eastfield mall in springfield. macy's says they are among 40 stores closing nationwide. the company is also announcing that it is cutting 4800 jobs after weak holiday sales. we have the entire list of stores that are closing on our web site. heather: chipotle has been served. this is part of a criminal investigation now tied to the norovirus outbreak this sum per at one of the restaurants in california. the company made disclosure in a filing with the exchange commission. chipotle mexican grill says it requires it to produce broad range of documents last month the chipotle was shut down for a
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ed: danny amendola is trying to do his job even if it is snows. he is hoping this carport will help him get to practice during a storm. heather: but the patriots' star is catching grief from others in his neighborhood. john? john: some neighbors think the carport ising in there historic neighborhood, about it appears the patriots' star followed all the rules. the homes in providence's college hill neighborhood are century's old. so when this appeared a few weeks ago. >> driving the hill. boom. boom. it is that ugly? >> some neighbors in the historic district. >> some people said this was dat strovic. >> were up in arms. >> we all have beautiful houses and this is the horrible kind of tip structure. >> monday morning i have 25 e-mails. >> former state referee who libs nearby fielded dozens of complains about the carport
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attention because of the star who had it built between the home he rens. >> the wide receiver danny amendola. >> he has practice at 5:00 in the morning and i think he doesn't want to come and shovel snow and worry about getting out. >> it is busy bodies and nothing better to do than come palestinian. >> many namers support amendola after learning the carport is tem tem a rain slated to come do in february. >> the patriot did nothing wrong, slight nod rules and probably didn't throw around any weight and asked for it and got it. >> now we did talk to amendola tonight at the house. he not want to falk the carport which brought him so much attention. live at gillette tonight, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: you didn't hit the winning numbers. heather: i have not checked. ed: you haven't? she has not checked, harvey.
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eddies in. have you looked? >> meterologist: no. heather: darn. we wanted to do this spinning chair. the tim chair. that would have been funny. meteorologist: not really optimistic the chance, but of course, you never know for sure. all right. look at this. this its something you don't see every day. check this out. martha's vineyard was one degree earlier this morning they 42 this afternoon. a um jump of 41 and similar. why would this so cold in those two place. they had the snow cover from the ocean effect snow of the other day and the other night. that is not fascinating. something that doesn't hap even if often. all right. on average, 10 degrees less cold around boston. 23 degrees less cold down on high anus. things are certainly moderating some. it is still a cold night. below freezing in boston. light south we're which wind ap temperatures by the time you are wake up tomorrow morning, 20's in boston. teens to low 20's elsewhere. still going to be cold. just not as cold. overall, if you look at the
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pretty much a carbon copy of what we had. now to look ahead. i would say overnight friday night and saturday morning. somewhere in there although not going to have a lot. there my be a little bit. if it is, it could be kind of freezing drizzle north and west of i-95 and likely to be a little below freezing. we may have something to that. when we get to the heavier precip during sunday. that looks to be a soaking rain around here. for now, it is nice and clear. and with those clear skies, sticking with us right on through the day tomorrow. as i mentioned, close to a carbon copy of today t. we can enjoy late morning to midafternoon tomorrow and back up to 40 to 45 degrees and much of the area. notice how uniform is. whether you are in lawrence, bedford or framingham, all in the low 40's and around a little over 40 but worcester county, gardiner, rutland, spencer down to the south of boston. also in the low 40's.
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tauton and even cape cod supporting low 40's very nice around the region and both in terms of temperatures and sky conditions and not a whole loft wind. but there is more cloudytons the west or moisture developing down to the gulf cast and all of that starts to play part in our weekend weather. sunday when we get the rain it could be a soaker. one or two-inch rain amounts are possible in our region on sunday. all right. here you go. the next seven days. tomorrow, as we mentioned is a milder day to be sure. we'll start to are dues some ocean clouds proo i day as the wind comes out out of the northeast. that could led to drizzle with freezing drizzle friday night and into saturday. but the heavier rain, that is going to come on sunday. we mentioned that saturday, hipping, too. there us the area that could have a little little bit of freezing drizzle or rain. the heavy rain on sunday. that comes right up to over us. the storm passes west of us which which it may. we have the warm air. kite be near record-breaking. good chance of that happening south ofs about ton. just not sure if it will happen
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if it does, that warm weather will not last. going to go quickly to windy and much colder weather next week. may be along about wednesday morning and may have a little both of a system that could row dues bit of snow way early to speculate too much about that. heather, ed. >> all right. tar wars is one for the record books. heather: boy is it ever. the draw dropping new market. that is coming up. and discount monday. wcvb newscenter 5 is launching two new newscast. the fast paced look at the big stories of the day at 4:30 and more in-depth coverage at 7:00.
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who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. ed: sit is mary poppins. heather: yeah. ed: it took just 20 days to set the mark after today's biggest sales.
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the force awinning as will surpass the $765.5 million domestic gross. avatar holds the worldwide record of $2.8 million. keep thun the back of your mind. the force awinning as has earned $1.6 billion and has not opened in china yet. that happens this weekend. standby. heather: 20 days. >> aloft people have to be seeing two, three, five times. a lot of people have not seen. i yeah. eventually. yeah. heather: when the crowds calm down. >> was the celtics' game at star wars tonight? bob.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, in san bernardino... fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important and missed more total votes
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that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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bob: what is it about the garden? the bruins and celtics are both playing under 500 at home this year. jeremy jacobs has gotta get in there with some incense and herbs, say a couple of chants. do a little dance. get down tonight. if he final dagger. stanley johnson, this is the only three. pistons took the shot when they needed them. 99-94. bob: there are two new members of baseball's hall of fame and three members of the writer's association who have some serious explaining to do.
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of being elected unanimously. three people out of 440 left him off their ballots. jr. sets the record with 99.3%. he was the best player of the den rigs. not a whip of steroids on him. the first to go though hall wearing seattle mariner hat. and in his fourth year on the ballot, mike piazza becomes the second player to wear a met hat into the hall of fame. piazza's 427 home runs are the most all-time for a catcher and he had a lifetime average of .308. 75% of the vote is required for election into the hall. former red sox prospect jeff bagwell should make it next year along with tim reigns. former red sox pitchers curt schilling and roger clemens both made moves upward, but are still only getting about half the vote. and the poster children for the steroid era? barry bonds, like clemens, jumped about 8%. mark mcgwire fails in his final year of eligibility. remember in 2008 when tom brady was in a walking boot the week before the super bowl? and then he played in the super
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that was great. cameras were permitted to roll. there is brady jog through. as he moves around the field. earlier though podium. no noticeable limp. looks and sounds like he is ok. >> you know, this is what you condition your whole life around. at least i do. this is, this is what i prepare myself for. you know, a lot of teammates do the same. you know, mentally, i am ready to go. you know? physically you want to feel your best. you got to work as hard as you can doing the rightng thises to get to that point. that is what i feel like i am at. nhl has suspend washington. the nhl has suspended washington zack still two games for this hit on adam mcquaid last night. the league finding that mcquaid's numbers were facing sill the whole time, so not a
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mcquaid did not practice today and may not travel with the upcoming road trip. also from the bruins today, patrice bergeron selected for his second all-star game in 11 years. >> that is it. heather: did you see it? ed: they don't have backs. did you notice a? heather: did.
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